Over the past several years, multiple provinces and the federal government have taken steps to adopt prompt payment legislation. This legislation would ensure that all levels of contractors are paid on time by public and private owners building new infrastructure. The current system leaves general contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers without payment for months after the completion of infrastructure projects. This causes delays in beginning new projects or companies to shutdown due to the lack of payment.


Prompt Payment Legislation


As the Government of New Brunswick considers ways to rebuild the provincial economy, they know that infrastructure is one of the best ways to spur the economy. Research shows that the return of investment on every dollar spent on public infrastructure is between $2.46 and $3.83. The construction sector in New Brunswick, which employs thousands across the province, is ready to partner with the government on rebuilding our economy. With prompt payment legislation, we can ensure that companies are paid on time and are ready to undertake the next project to build better infrastructure in New Brunswick.

Write to your local MLA to let them know you want better infrastructure!


The Construction Association of New Brunswick Inc. (CANB) is organized and structured as a federation of associations. CANB is designed to perform a coordinating function for reaching consensus and to effectively present the Industry's collective views to various client groups, particularly to relevant departments and agencies of the provincial government. The Province of New Brunswick has long recognized CANB as the official and reputable voice of the industrial/commercial/institutional building sector of the construction industry.